João Cardoso (Cardoz)

João Cardoso (Cardoz) is a young artist who lived in London for the last four years and has now returned to Lisbon.

In 2014, he began his degree in Illustration at "CASS" (London Metropolitan University) and, at the end of the course, he was distinguished with the "Sir John Cass School of Art Design Award 2017" for the best course portfolio.

In 2018, João was invited to paint the hull of a boat for the "Rom boats," a piece that was exhibited at ARCO Lisboa 2018 art fair. The invitation was renewed this year, so a new version of the piece painted by Cardoz will be shown at ARCO Lisboa 2019.

Cardoz is now collaborating with CARRASCO art gallery, where he will present his first solo exhibition "CRIATURAS".

"CRIATURAS" - Characters portrayed as a kind of robot in sculptures, canvases and illustrations. This is a project devised by Cardoz which, in praising the most creative minds, aims to awaken the conscience of the observers to some of the current issues of society: excessive use of mobile devices, dependence on social networks, artificial intelligence and its form of use; a tribute to art and a critique to the kind of visual content often fostered through the use of social platforms.

The artworks of Cardoz's first exhibition are composed mostly by a base of images’ collage, cut from a small collection of the publication "World Life", between the years 1967 and 1969. These are used to highlight some of the most pressing social issues at the time, such as industrial overproduction, machismo or global surveillance. In a mixed technique, Cardoz then illustrates these bases with his “CRIATURAS”, to which he gives life with acrylic paint, Posca pen and white glue. A vision of today's society.

In addition to the project, and in collaboration with Bernardo Fernandes, the artist also presents a version of a 3D Creature. A sculpture made entirely in PLA.

Sausages, 2018 150 X 90 cm

Sausages, 2018
150 X 90 cm

Don’t f*** with me, 2018 155 X 90 cm

Don’t f*** with me, 2018
155 X 90 cm