Miguel Santos Teixeira

Through the technique of cutting and gluing several materials, Miguel Teixeira composes a complex web of shredded, fragmented, patched images that, once processed by his mind, are recreated in a way only him conceives them.

The result, a small part of it, is what will be evident in his first solo exhibition, a preamble to a universe that does not intend to capture real time, but rather what lies there, on the other side, to which he gave the designation of COOLlage.

For the last five years Miguel Santos Teixeira has been intensely dedicated to his artistic passion. Advertising copywriter, he decided to give expression to the many ideas that assaulted him frequently. For some time through literary writing, when he edited some works of fiction and poetry, and finally, for five years now, through this other artistic strand, the collage. Here he feels capable of transforming, of making his own what apparently belongs to everyone, and thus escaping the routine tedium. He embraces each new job as a journey beyond the real time of the universe. For as he says: "In the hallucination that is every journey, inhale the escape to what we are commonly."